L I Z   L E V E L L E
N D   D i p   H o m


JMT is a system of health care that uses muscle testing (MRT) to effectively access the autonomic nervous system (ANS), thus enabling the practitioner to evaluate which part of the body is responsible for creating imbalances.

A faulty ANS may be the underlying reason for digestive problems, neurological disorders, excessive pain, poor memory, insomnia, headaches, lowered immune response, osteoarthritis, skin problems, weight problems and many other health problems.

The Advanced JMT Technique research began with the hope of finding a better, more permanent way of resolving the pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis, without the use of steroids and other immune-suppressive drugs. JMT successfully relieves pain and allows the body to regenerate cartilage and bone.

The patient is tested using MRT whilst holding specific vials of allergens.   Once the allergen has been detected the practitioner applies acupressure along the spine.

JMT is a safe, pain-free, drug-free, holistic approach to healing for all age groups seeking relief and care for a wide range of health disorders.